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Commercial & Short Form


Alaska in 360° –
Five Experiences

Grab a headset, a swivel chair, and your favorite beverage. 

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“The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature.”
~ Ansel Adams


Flowers and a Switchblade

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360° Video Collage  - 2020

Selected for the New Frontier 360° Cinema at Sundance 2020. A collaboration with Nic Koller, a visual artist, Flowers and a Switchblade blends the 360° immersive media with Nic's video collage style to bring you a surreal, cubist, view on an everyday scene.



Coming Soon

Short Film - 2019

Yasir Masood was the director behind this piece that explores life of a young man in Houston Texas. His relationships with his mother, friends, and himself are tested. With the Directing, Cinematography, Editing, and Score all done by our close friends, this project is the culminations of our new group, One American.


South Texas CowPunk

Short Documentary - 2017

This was my second short form documentary I cut with director/cinematographer Carlo Nassise. We collaborated after discussing the setting of the Texas Mexico border (where I grew up) and this Cow Punk scene that was alive and thriving. What we ended up with was a beautiful portrait piece of a unique man, in a unique setting, at a unique time.

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Short Narrative- 2017

This project with in collaboration with Eric Morton, a veteran with a unique point of view on the VA system in America. This surrealist film demonstrates the frustration faced by thousands of veterans across this country.

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Pizza Hut Brand Roll Out


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